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One more free carpooling tool for helping you get around town without always having to worry about gas or driving, is iCarpool. If you are organizing an event with your favorite greendrinks or meetup.com group, why not link to icarpool.com and encourage all of your attendees to try out the service. Businesses and organizations can also develop their own page on icarpool page setup specifically so that only employees can see others on the list and find groups near their commuting route.To get stareted, you just need to enter things like trip type (one time, recurring, round trip), starting destination and end point and other preferences needed in a carpool group. The system is developed as a "dynamic" carpool, so unlike traditional carpooling rules where you commit to a set schedule each day for several months, the icarpool system is a one-time, ride-when-you-need-it-type commitment. This application probably works best for folks with iphones or other internet-capable phones, so that you can get transportation on the fly. Though you can certainly setup your carpool ride home while you're sitting at work surfing Treehugger.com

iCarpool groups are available in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Its probably best to try several of these carpool applications to see which offer the best routes, most convenient times and coolest group of people to spend an hour or more a day with. iCarpool is not affliated with Apple or any of the iphone, imac, itunes, etc items. :iCarpool
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