Ibiza Scooter

The Ibiza electric scooter has a 45 Km (28 mi.) range at 35 km/hr (28 MPH), and looks and feels like a Vespa. Imported from China, it has those amazing Chinese prices, and should retail for about US$ 1,560. Its nice for a change to see Chinese imports in a new, wide open market where local manufacturers are not being challenged.

The Tasya, a lighter, pedal assisted moped, is even cheaper. Both come with wonderfully cheezy original Chinese graphics, lights, turn signals and horn.

There will inevitably be comments about Chinese labour and environmental standards being a factor in the low cost. Nonetheless a really affordable electric scooter could have a positive impact, and so far as we can tell, no North American electric scooter manufacturers were harmed in the production of these vehicles. From Spectra Importing- email klanteigne@spectraimporting.ca or phone 1 866 743 3231. by [LA]