i-Spec Q-100: A Biodiesel Analyzer in Your Pocket

i Spec Q-100 Biodiesel Tester
This gadget probably won't sell as much as the iPhone with which is shares some design cues, but can your fancy touch-screen phone give you information about your biodiesel (at least until Apple's next software update)? Total glycerin, acid numbers, blend percent, and methanol content. The whole nine yards.

The i-Spec Q-100 has been introduced at the 2008 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo (Feb. 3-6, Orlando, Florida). Paradigm Sensors is the name of the company that makes it, and its CEO, Robert Young, said: "Our handheld provides a means to overcome a market barrier to alternative fuels: Poor quality biofuels that clog up engines." We're very curious to find out the real-world performance of these. If you knows more, let us know in the comments. ::Paradigm Sensors, ::Paradigm Sensors Introduces First-Ever Handheld Biodiesel Analyzer, via ::AutoblogGreen. See also: ::Green Basics: Biodiesel, ::Find Biodiesel With Your Cell Phone

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