"I don't drive. But my life is dominated by cars."

We try to have decent automobile coverage here on Treehugger. Not because we want people to buy more cars and drive more often, but because we are not quite idealistic enough to believe that a majority of people reading our stuff will immediately give up their vehicle. We figure that some information on how to make better decisions regarding cars should be available and that it has more chances of making a positive difference (and then maybe lead to more) than just repeating "cars are bad" over and over again... But sometimes, it's good to be reminded of the evils of the 4-wheel beasts. This article by Andrew Simms does exactly that, summarizing the social, environmental and health problems - both on the local and global scale - that can be linked to a society that has an over-reliance on cars and that shapes things around them instead of humans. The title of this post is the introduction of the essay... ::Warning: Driving Kills, via Cycledog