I Care more About MPG Than MPH


That is the name of a new campaign to promote the idea that "Enough is enough. Time for us to show that we care more about our car's gas mileage than we do about how long it takes our car to go from 0 to 60." Brian Carr, who blogs at Daily Fuel Economy Tip, hopes to show that "through the "I Care More About MPG Than MPH" campaign us gas sippers of the world can come together and show that there are MANY car buying consumers our there who want these car companies to step up and do their part to help reduce our gasoline consumption and our impact on the environment by giving us more environmentally friendly and gas thrifty options."

He has set up Facebook and Myspace pages to facilitate the mingling of fellow campaigners. He hopes to get a million people to join; on Facebook at the time of this writing he has eight, but hey, it has only been a day or two.

For the rest of the world, we need an "I care more about litres/100km than km/hr" but it does not have quite the same ring. ::Daily Fuel Economy Tip via ::Hawker400 at Hugg

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