Hyundai to Mass Produce Hybrids in 2009, Starting with Elantra Hybrid

Hyundai Elantra hybrid

Hyundai has made about 2,800 compact hybrid cars since 2004, but they haven't been available to the public, only to government agencies in South-Korea. This is about to change: The company has announced that they will begin mass production of hybrids in 2009, starting with their Avante model (known as the Elantra in North-America).

Not too many details are known yet. Apparently, the Elantra hybrid will be powered by LPG at first, and a gasoline version will follow. No word on what kind of hybrid technology, or whether it will be plug-in. Hyundai also plans to "produce a small fleet of fuel cell electric vehicles from 2012." We will keep an eye on this story and update you when we find out more about Hyundai's hybrid-car plans. ::Hyundai Press Release, ::Hyundai says it will mass produce hybrid in 2009, ::Hyundai Unveils New 2006 Accent Hybrid

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