Hyundai Pledges Average 50 MPG Fleet In 15 Years

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Image credit:Hyundai USA

A US executive for Hyundai has pledged to have that firm's new cars average 50 mpg by 2025, according to an article in Detroit News. Hyundai will do this with "15 percent to 20 percent of its fleet in 2025 as hybrids and plug-ins, as well as 5 percent as fuel cell or electric vehicles."

Analysis: This is a car maker that has successfully targeted the budget buyer. Since 'budget conscious' is an ever-growing segment in the US, Hyundai will probably steal plenty of green market share from other makers. No surprise then, that Hyundai picking up on technologies being promoted by the US Department of Energy has caused other car makers and their suppliers to demand more "flexibility" from the government (one of my favorite terms in lexicon of lobbying, - second only to "onerous").Diesel Man trains for a match against the Battery Kid.

It may be easier for Hyundai to meet the 50 mpg target because it doesn't build a full line of vehicles, including pickup trucks, which are heavier and require towing and hauling capability. Krafcik reiterated the company has no plans to build pickups.

But two auto executives said Wednesday the government's focus on electric vehicles is hurting other promising fuel-saving technologies.

BorgWarner Chairman and CEO Tim Manganello said policymakers are "ignoring" technologies like diesel.

"The U.S. government is going a bit too far in trying to dictate the powertrain technologies of the future," said Manganello, who heads the Auburn Hills-based supplier. "It's difficult to compete globally when governments try to pick the winning technologies and the direction changes from administration to administration."

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