Hypermiling Couple Gets Two Entries in Guiness World Records Book

Peugeot 308 HDi 110 hatchback photo

Hypermiling to Save Gas and Beat a World Record
Helen and John Taylor drove around the coast of Australia in an un-modified Peugeot 308 HDi 110 (a non-hybrid, diesel car) for 25 days. Over the 9,062 miles (14,584 kilometers) that they and their luggage traveled, they averaged 75.6 miles per US gallon (3.11 liters per 100 kilometers), earning them their first world record. The second one is for traveling 1,192 miles (1,918 kilometers) on a single 60-liter (15.85 gallons US) tank of diesel. What makes this more impressive is that it was achieve in real-world conditions, not on a perfect road for a short distance.

"The Peugeot 308 HDi 110 hatchback now holds the World Record for both the highest average fuel consumption on a journey, a record previously held by a Peugeot 307 hatchback, and the record for the furthest distance travelled on a full tank of fuel." Congrats to the couple! This shows that more fuel-efficient technology is one part of the equation, but driving style is another very important aspect. We should avoid driving as much as possible, but when we do, we should squeeze as much as possible from every drop of fuel. ::ABG, ::Hypermiling Becoming More Popular as Gas Prices Rise

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