Hyperion's Drive Clean to Drive Change Initiative

Hyperion, a Santa Clara, California-based business management software company with offices throughout the U.S., recently launched a program that that makes our hearts thump. We’ve heard of tuition reimbursement and flex-spending accounts, but Hyperion’s newest initiative helps employees purchase fuel-efficient cars for their personal use in order to help create a cleaner environment. Under its Drive Clean to Drive Change program, the company will reimburse employees $5,000 for driving vehicles that achieve 45 miles per gallon of gasoline, or the equivalent. Now that’s a cool company. And in America, it could make a big difference... According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the United States pumps out about 22 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere per person every year. That’s about twice what other industrialized nations, including Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom produce. Switching from a car that gets 20 mpg to one that gets 45 mpg can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as three tons per person per year. A very good start. TreeHugger hopes that more companies will follow Hyperion’s lead. Thanks for the tip, Michele W. ::Hyperion Drive Clean to Drive Change [by MO]