Hydrogen Postman's Bike

Researchers at the University of Tasmania, Australia, have launched a world first. A 100% hydrogen powered postman’s delivery bike. The project’s group leader, Dr Vishy Karri said, "It has a close to zero emission and it has got one of the highest advanced fuel injection systems on it with what we call an intelligent car technology." The conversion of this Honda 110cc motorbike has cost around $5,000. Although it’s using fuel from water there are one or two hurdles to leap yet. The hydrogen is stored on the rear of the bike in metal hydride cyclinders, which function like a battery, but it can take a slow half hour to fill these up. However the bike will soon begin user trials. They have also designed systems, whereby 20% hydrogen, mixed with diesel fuel, and used with existing machinery can get an instant 40% reduction in emissions. ::ABC Science Show [by WM]