Hydrogen Fuel Cells 101 With Robert Llewellyn

Fuel Cells photoFully Charged/Video screen capture

Robert Llewellyn is a big fan of electric cars. From the freaky Renault Twizy to the mainstream Nissan LEAF, he has enthused about their potential for some time now. He's less convinced about hydrogen cars though, previously making a forceful case for hydrogen fuel cells in homes, not cars.

In his latest episode of Fully Charged he explores the potential of hydrogen in more detail—visiting fuel cell expert James Courtney of the University of Birmingham to find out more. From the sheer costs through the reliance on rare metals to the use of fossil fuels to produce hydrogen, there are plenty of draw backs explored. But from nickel-based catalysts to liquid-based systems that reduce the need for platinum, it seems there are significant cost reductions on the horizon.

Another fascinating episode from Fully Charged.

sity of Birmingham to find out more.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells 101 With Robert Llewellyn
The vocal comedy legend and electric car advocate explores the pros and cons of the hydrogen fuel cell.

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