Hybrids: Category Killers and Practical Investments

With oil hovering around $60 per barrel, and showing no sign of stopping there, hybrids are starting to make more and more financial sense in the US (elsewhere, where gas prices are higher, they already make sense, especially if there are government incentives – but more on that soon in another post). This podcast by Frank Giovinazzi of Car Buyer's Notebook talks about how hybrids are "category killers" (what is meant by that is explained in the podcast) and points out a way that we don't often hear about in which hybrids can make financial sense (fixed costs vs. variable costs). There is also a mini video review of the Prius.For those who don't know what podcasting is, it's basically blogging but in audio format (mp3, in this case) instead of text. More on it here.

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