Hybrid Test Drive - 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid


Canadian Driver has posted a review of Nissan's first hybrid, the 2007 Altima. Nissan have previously claimed that they can sell 50,000 of this model a year. It's a full hybrid, so can run on 100% electric power at times, and uses technology licensed from Toyota. Overall the impression was very good, and it seems to be a very capable and practical hybrid. One problem they found though, was that the 245-volt nickel metal hydride battery pack that lives behind the rear seat stole about 40% of the trunk space, when compared to the non-hyvrid Altima.It is also pricier than a standard Altima at $32,998 (Canadian), and considerably more expensive than the $20,000 (US) Prius. At least it's eligible for a $1,500 green rebate from the government, so this will bring the price down somewhat. During the week-long test drive the Altima Hybrid averaged 39 mpg, but that included long freeway drives. The hybrid powertrain should really come into it's own during city driving. The reaction seemed to be good, and it's great to see other viable hybrids come on to the market. Competition is always good for consumers, and in this case, the environment. However, for the money it still seems that a Prius is the best choice out there. ::Canadian Driver