Hybrid Taxis in New York- If they Make it there, They'll make it Anywhere.


This TreeHugger never thought much of hybrid SUVs, given that they don't belong in the City and that is where hybrids are most efficient, in stop-and-go situations. However we do admit that as taxis they probably make some sense, being tougher and putting in lots of miles. (Mike liked them earlier here) We were pleased to learn that in New York and San Francisco where hybrid fleets have hit the 100,000 mile mark, that the cars and batteries have held up, and that drivers have saved between 20 and 30 dollars in fuel per shift, which is a nice raise for the driver and a lot of exhaust not emitted. "It's nice to have an SUV that does so well environmentally and saves me about $5,000 a year," said one driver. ::Autochannel via ::Gizmodo