Hybrid Taxi Bill Passed by NY City Council

Another follow-up story, this time on this Treehugger story about hybrid taxis in NYC. It ended open-ended with: "But things are not so simple since a bill that would permit hybrid vehicles to meet regulatory specifications for license by the Taxi and Limousine Commission is stalling in the Transportation committee. We'll try to follow that one and see how it develops." The answer came, and it is good! The city council passed the bill, allowing taxi owners to put hybrids into service starting late this summer. The commission should also select one or two hybrid models to do a real-world trial; the success of which could depend in part on how New-Yorkers react to less legroom. Maybe I'm dreaming, but I'm sure New-Yorkers have handled way worse things than less legroom and would put up with it if they are informed that they're riding hybrids and not 12 mpg Crown Victoria Extended. Choices have to be made.

::New York tries to make yellow cabs greener, ::Sweet Victory: NYC Makes Way for Hybrids, via ::WorldChanging