Hybrid Sales Keep Going Up, Up, Up


A good post over at Green Car Congress offers up some interesting numbers about hybrid sales. Almost twice as many hybrids were sold in the US in January 2006 as in January 2005. By contrast, sales of total light duty vehicles in the US in January 2006 increased by just 3% from the previous year. Toyota sold 7,654 units of the Prius, an increase of 38% over the same period last year, and the new Honda Civic Hybrid had a very strong month, reporting 3,165 units sold, an increase of 171% over January 2005 and its the most sales in a month since April 2005. On the SUV front, the Highlander was up, selling 2,263 units, an increase over December 2005, and the Lexus Rx 400h was down, posting its fewest sales for the 10 months it has been on the market. Ford is now combining sales reports for Escape and Mariner Hybrids; the two together sold 899 units in January 2006, down 1% from the January 2005 Escape-only total of 908 units. The Honda Accord Hybrid sales are also slumping; it sold just 351 units in January 2006. Especially with the launch of the Camry Hybrid just around the corner, Toyota is looking tougher than ever; on the other end of the spectrum, Ford had better get on the stick if they want to be more than an afterthought in the hybrid market. via ::Green Car Congress