Hummer H2 Reaches End of the Road: Will be Terminated

Hummer H2 accident

Update (02/24/2010): Rust in Peace: GM Most Likely to Shut Down Hummer Division For Good

Last year, we reported on a rumor that GM was thinking about killing the Hummer H2 (after killing the Hummer H1 two yeas ago). It seems like that rumor is now being confirmed: has been informed by official sources that there will be no "next generation" refresh on the H2 and that within a few years - not fast enough for some of us - it will finally fade to black ("Reports have the H2's end of production between 2011 and 2014").

If history is any indication (our post about Ford killing the 19-foot Excursion had 74 comments), we will hear from people who claim to have legitimate uses for the H2. It's possible that they do, but we're not talking about them individually; What we rejoice about is the death of a symbol for GM.There's no doubt in our minds that the vehicle that a car company picks as its iconic product has an impact on both the company itself (how it targets advertising, what the other models are like, what ideas it will reject as not fitting with a certain image, etc) and on what customers of that company expect, since the whole point of a halo product is to put a little of its DNA in the more affordable models.

Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid

GM seems to be trying to make the Chevy Volt its new halo car. We hope they are serious about it, because it's certainly better to aim for a fun to drive, very efficient plug-in series hybrid than a military-style gas guzzler that will mostly be driven in urban centers.

Update: We've learned that the original source for this story was Jalopnik, so here's some link love. They've published a correction and apparently the end will be 2014 rather than 2011. Too bad.

::HUMMER H2 Days are Numbered, via ::Hummer H2 Eats It: To Be Gone by 2011 or 2014

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