Hummer Commercial Mileage Claims Untrue?


Who says that blogs don't break news? Auto Blog Green are claiming that the latest Hummer adverts are claiming mileage figures that just aren't true. Not in the sense that they're innacurate, as all mileage claims now are, but that they're using figures from an old model which just aren't true for the new model.The advert claimed that the H3 reached 20mpg, and that this was an EPA estimate. So Auto Blog Green writer, Lascelles Linton, went to to look up the figures. "I did not find a 20 MPG rating. Maybe the automatic... nope. Maybe there was another Hummer this year... no. Oh, I know. They are using THE OLD MPG RATING. Here is a side by side comparison. And I was about to call the FTC. They are just using the higher highway MPG rating (not the combined or disclosing the city rating) and an out of date rating system. That's not misleading at all."

Some of the comments on the article debate whether or not Hummer did anything wrong here. Are the claims innacurate, correct or in some kind of gray area between the two? View the advert below to decide for yourself, but resist the urge to buy a Hummer, please. ::Auto Blog Green