Humancar Test-Drives the Imagine_PS Human-Electric Hybrid (Video)

You Think the Tandem Bike Looks Like Fun? Check This Out!
That's probably the most original hybrid car that I've ever seen. Various iterations of the Humancar concept have been in development since the late 1960, and this latest version mixes electricity with good old human muscle power, and you steer it with the rowing handles. A nice example of good ol' ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking. Even if I doubt that you'll see those all over the roads soon, it certainly looks like fun!

humancar photo

The FM-4 Humancar at WIRED Nextfest. Photo: Michael Graham Richard
An innovative car company (HumanCar® Inc.) has created a new model dubbed the Imagine_PS™ NEV (or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle). The 'PS' stands for power station as it generates electricity and may be charged to and from any outlet, "NEV" is a term which means it may be used legally in off-highway or 'neighborhood' areas. CNN has shown the Imagine_PS™ creating enough electricity to run a computer for hours from a fit team of four in a few minutes. The magazine Popular Science last month featured the company "showing the way" to major auto companies in the sustainable transportation field. The company views the current auto crisis as a unique opportunity for growth as well as meeting the challenges of climate change and resource dependence.

The earlier version called FM-4 (as shown on the photo above) was featured, among other places, on Planet Green (with Graham taking it for a spin). Check out the steering!

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