How Would a World Filled With Plug-in Hybrids Work? (Video)


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You've likely heard plenty about how the plug-in electric car could revolutionize the auto industry, and the transportation sector in general. But what impact exactly such a revolution would have in general--how it would affect automakers, electricity demand, infrastructure, etc--is another matter altogether. How would a society filled with electric cars work? Even if you follow the hybrid car industry avidly, this video is a great summation of what an electric-car filled world might look like--and what else we're going to need to get them to be a full fledged alternative to conventional cars.It's a pretty inspiring take on the advantages of one of the sexiest renewable energy solutions there is: the hybrid. Assembling a functioning smart grid like the one depicted in the video is going to be easier said than done though . . . Anyhow, enjoy:

Peter Sinclair's fantastic Climate Denial Crock of the Week videos have been steadily gaining in popularity--and there's many a green out there (this one included) who are thankful to have some powerful, entertainingly presented ammunition against the ever-vociferous climate change deniers. But exposing misinformation and maliciously perpetrated myths is only half the battle. Even if we could effectively counter every science-distorting accusation that global temps are rising because of man's meddling, that'd still really be just half the battle.

To take things the rest of the way, we need to start better fleshing out the solutions, and showing how a cleaner, safer world is possible. Sinclair's new series, Renewable Energy Solution of the Month, of which the plug-in hybrid episode is the pilot, will aim to do exactly that. Stay tuned.

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