How To: Pick the Right Green Car


ABC News has published a very succinct, well-organized article that lays out the pros and cons of buying and owning one of the "big four" green car choices available today: hybrid, biodiesel, ethanol, compressed natural gas (with hydrogen thrown in for good measure). It's a good read for anyone still not sure about exactly how biodiesel works (that's right, no conversion needed!) or for anyone wondering what it would be like to have a car that required absolutely no petroleum (as with the natural gas; and here's a hint: kinda tricky). Each choice is broken down to be able to easily compare price, fuel availability and cost and relative selection of each kind of vehicle. It serves as both a "Sustainable Vehicles 101" and a decent refresher course for anyone who didn't know that there are carpool-lane perks for some of these cars. Check it out at ::ABC News via ::Digg