How to Make a Polluted City a "ZeroCarbonCity"


The folks over at the Porter School for Environmental Studies are organizing a one-day event at the Watec conference tomorrow in Tel Aviv, but with a focus on air pollution and the global "ZeroCarbonCity" campaign.

Last time we checked, there were about 6,500 Israeli-based TreeHugger readers. And out of you, there must be a few activists. Right?

If you are one of them, slip on your flip-flops, jump on your bike, and head over to the Tel Aviv fairgrounds in north Tel Aviv (beside Luna Park). The ultimate goal of the conference tomorrow is "to commit the Municipality of Tel Aviv to a strategic plan to mitigate global climate change by focusing on transportation's contribution to greenhouse gases," says Porter's press release. It sounds ambitious, but they continue, "A strategic plan developed by the municipality with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection is a first step that will push Tel Aviv to the forefront of reducing carbon emissions in Israel."

Guest speakers tomorrow will include academic experts who will discuss air pollution in the region and its health impact on residents of the city. Expect to see Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, alongside other mayors from the central region — they are expected to address strategic plans for the future of transportation in the region.

Give us a shout in the comments section if you go. We would love to hear your feedback.

::Porter School

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