How to Save Money By Sharing Your Car With Neighbors

NEIGHBORS SHARING CARS photoPeak moment TV/Video screen capture

Collaborative consumption is all the rage these days, but for every internet-enabled sharing economy start up, there are hundreds of other forms of sharing that simply involve neighbors doing what they have always done—pooling resources to ensure their mutual well-being.

From a group of neighbors who removed their fences and started a garden, through a household that turned a parking strip into a garden growing free produce for their neighbors, to sharing gardens that offer free food to all who need it, Peak Moment TV has been a great source of inspiration for people who believe that much of the solution to our current crisis may in fact be found in our past. By sharing what we have, we build social equity which in turn comes back to benefit all of us.

That seems to be the case with this latest Peak Moment episode, in which neighbors Judy Alexandera and Richard and Sue Dandridge explain how they came to share one car. While the benefits are undeniable—from reduced insurance and maintenance costs to the ease of pooling errands—there are also complications to be considered. From drafting an agreement to scheduling and upkeep, these neighbors share how they did it—in the hope that it might inspire others to do the same.

How to Save Money By Sharing Your Car With Neighbors
Zipcar has made car sharing cool, but it doesn't always need a fancy business model. Sometimes you can just share with your neighbor.

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