How Greenfleeting Uses the Power of Scale (Video)

greenfleeting video still photo

All glory may be fleeting, but most of us wouldn't count fleeting as very glorious. But greenfleeting, the art of maximizing the efficiency of a fleet of vehicles, can pick up some big ecological gains if done right. Greenfleeting can mean choosing hybrid or electric cars and trucks, tweaking the driving tactics of employees, or otherwise cutting out miles driven. This visually delicious video, produced for the Environmental Defense Fund, paints a picture of how small changes to a fleet's behavior can yield big results.

(Click through for the vid...)

The video uses stop-motion animation and a technique called tilt-shift timelapse to make real objects and people look so toylike. Stresslimitdesign brought in Yannick Grandmont, a regular New York Times photographer based in Montreal, to direct the short. Sam Shalabi created the soundtrack, basing it on Eames educational films from the 1950s.

Environmental Defense Fund, the group for whom the film was made, is a non-profit with its fingers in a good many pies. EDF is out there vetting carbon offset services, evaluating nanotech risks, pumping cap and trade, and putting sustainable sushi guidance on mobile phones. Oh yes, and having their offices occupied by angry activists. We interviewed Environmental Defense president Fred Krupp on TreeHugger Radio about his book, Earth: The Sequel, which has since become a documentary aired on Planet Green.

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