How Fast is Electric Car Fast Charging? Gearless Explores (Video)

MiEV fast charge photo

Image credit: Gearless

Gearless, the online show based around Robert Llewellyn's year-long review of the MiEV electric car has already been making waves—and if this Gearless Update was anything to go by, the rest of the year should be a fascinating insight into the pros and cons of electrified transportation. Now Robert is ready with another episode, and this time he takes the MiEV to Mitsubishi head quarters to put their fast charging station through its paces. So how does it do?Disappointingly, Robert didn't think to time the process. But he does tell us he had enough time to get a bacon sandwich and a coffee, and came back to find the whole process was finished. So while we don't have any empirical evidence of just how fast this thing is, you only have to hear the excitement in the man's voice to understand that this is a huge deal to your average EV owner.

OK, not everyone who is used to filling up a tank in a couple of minutes is going to be willing to sit around for 20 minutes to charge their batteries, but when you factor in the usual bathroom break and a chance to grab some snacks—this is actually a pretty viable proposition for most road trips. Add to that the fact that a 70 mile journey cost Robert literally pennies, and you start to understand what all the fuss is about.

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