Honda's new Fit outsold the Toyota Prius for the first time in Japan in October, but...

2014 Honda Fit Hybrid photo
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Japan loves the new compact hybrid

The all new Honda Fit, which also comes in a hybrid version, might be small, but it's making big waves in its home market, displacing the perennially best-selling Prius hybrid during the month of October. That's only the original Prius, though. The Prius C hybrid, which is called the Toyota Aqua in Japan, is also selling quite well and if you add the two together they sell significantly more than the Fit. So it all depends how you look at it.

2014 Honda Fit Hybrid photo© Honda

Bloomberg writes:

Deliveries of the Fit more than doubled from a year earlier to 23,281 units last month, according to data released today by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. That compared with 20,886 for the Prius and 19,984 for the Aqua, the figures show.

While the hybrid version of the new Fit is most interesting to us, even the non-hybrid should be quite fuel-efficient (there's no US MPG rating yet).

As we always say, it's better for the environment to walk, bike, or take transit. But if you have to drive (not everybody lives in cities, and it can be harder to always use alternatives in non-urban areas), find the most-fuel efficient model that meets your needs. For a lot of people, a space-efficient subcompact like the Fit is more than enough.

2014 Honda Fit Hybrid photo© Honda

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