Honda's FCX Fuel Cell: Production in 2008?


Ever since we first saw Honda's FCX fuel cell concept, we've been dreaming of the day that it would finally enter production and hit the streets. They've told the world to wait a few years for production and have been teasing us by intermittently showing it off; now the latest word on the street is: limited production in Japan and the US in 2008. Hey, that's next year!

Wallpaper* magazine, of all places (if it's in there, it's gotta be cool) tells us that, "Honda hopes that with a little helping hand from legislation, plus their ongoing experiments into a viable 'Home Energy Station', the FCX Concept will finally make it to the American and Japanese markets - albeit in a heavily subsided, quasi-experimental form - in 2008." Whether or not hydrogen cars are a viable personal transportation option is sort of another story. Check out Honda's concept site for more, and keep your fingers crossed. ::Honda FCX via