Honda Un-Plugs


With a distancing quote like this one, its good to remember how, in the recent past, car markets can turn on a dime once a new category becomes popular. Think mini-vans, SUV's, and MegaTrucks for examples. Counter-intelligence is also possible (do what I say, not what I'm really doing). Still, this official pronouncement puts Honda's strategy in opposition to that of GM's executive. May the best American maker win!

Honda Motor Co. Chief Executive Takeo Fukui said so-called plug-in hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles offered too few environmental benefits for his company to pursue,...

"My feeling is that the kind of plug-in hybrid currently proposed by different auto makers can be best described as a battery electric vehicle equipped with an unnecessary fuel engine and fuel tank," Mr. Fukui told a group of journalists Tuesday at the company's research and development center here, north of Tokyo. He said he was referring to plug-in hybrids such as the Chevy Volt. "Assuming that we can come up with a really high-performing battery that we are working on currently, I think a battery electric vehicle [that uses such battery technology] would actually be a plus from an environmental point of view."

Via:: Wall Street Journal, "Honda Won't Pursue Plug-in Hybrids", Image credit::Honda News,

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