Honda to Unveil the Electric 3R-C Concept in Geneva

honda 3rc concept photo
Images: Autoblog Green

Next week ushers in the Geneva auto show, and based on last year's momentum and the previews thus far, it's going to be bubbling with alternative vehicles. Honda has released a teaser of its 3R-C, an all-electric single-seater urban mobility concept. With two wheels in the front and one in the back, it conjures images of the Aptera, but even more compact.
honda 3rc concept rear photo

Honda is well aware of the world's mass urban migration, and the 3R-C fits into that category of ever-so-small, park-it-anywhere urban commuter. As the Autoblog Green guys point out, Honda's concept is only slightly less radical than the Segway PUMA, but seeks to address similar issues. Honda has already expressed an interest in electric scooters, motorcycles, and even a unicycle. And its mainstream hybrids offerings are even getting smaller, as evidenced by the CR-Z.
Details on the 3R-C remain sketchy, and don't expect a production announcement in Geneva, but more info will almost certainly emerge.

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