Honda to Introduce an "Entry Level" Hybrid in 2009


The word on the street is that Honda will be releasing an affordable "entry level" four-door hybrid in 2009. It will be cheaper than the current Civic Hybrid, and Honda is planning on selling a whole lot of them: 200,000 per year for starters (100,000 of those in the US). According to Green Car Congress, these ambitions will be fed by new Japanese facilities, to be completed in 2008, that will allow the company to quadruple its current output of electric motors. Autoblog cites an Automotive News article in which Ken Keir, managing director of Honda UK, says that a new sporty two-door hybrid is on its way and will be modeled after the Reflex (pictured), a proof of concept that showed in Los Angeles in November. Apparently the styling of the Remix will also influence the design of the affordable four-door coming in 2009. Word is also still pending about the rumored Fit Hybrid, and there is also talk of a Honda Ridgeline with a dual powertrain. ::Autoblog via Hugg (Linton)