Honda to Build "Zero Waste" Plant in Indiana

Honda doesn't seem to need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. They have just announced the construction of a $550 million automobile plant in Decatur County, Indiana, to build "fuel-efficient vehicles, [because they] believe U.S. consumers are turning away from powerful gas guzzlers." It's most likely that Honda Fit and Honda Civic (hybrid too, maybe?) models will be built there. The new plant should meet the ISO 14001 international environmental management standards, like all other Honda plants in North-America (except the new transmission plant in Georgia, but it's working toward certification). But even more interesting, they want to make it a "zero waste to landfill" factory. They say: "Our goal is that this plant in Indiana will have the smallest environmental footprint of any Honda auto plant in North America." ::Honda News, ::Honda to build in Indiana with fuel economy in mindStandard car article advice: Walk, cycle, carpool, take public transit, car-share, telecommute. Try to live close to the things you need and to where you work. But if you have to own a car, get the most efficient model that fills your needs, drive sanely, keep it in good mechanical condition and keep your tires properly inflated.