Honda to Start Fit Hybrid Production in Thailand This Summer

honda fit jazz hybrid photo

The Fit hybrid (which is known as the Jazz hybrid outside of North-America) is a hit for Honda, who's been struggling to catch up with Toyota when it comes to gas-electric vehicles. First unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, it has since sold 86,000 units worldwide, and should sell even more when Honda finally brings it to the North-American market. In the meantime, Honda has decided to start producing the Fit hybrid in Thailand, the first time that a hybrid model will be made in Asia outside of Japan. This could help keep Honda's production costs low and keep the Fit/Jazz one of the most affordable hybrids around, and it should increase their production capacity to allow exports to more countries (though it's not yet clear if Thai Fit/Jazz hybrids will eventually make their way to North-America or if Honda has other plans).

honda fit jazz hybrid photo


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