Honda Partners with Zipcar, Will Provide Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids, and EVs

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Car-Sharing Gets Even Greener

Zipcar, the biggest car-sharing company in North-America, is partnering with Honda to include more models of greener cars in its fleet. Car-sharing is already better than owning a car for those who want to drive as little as possible but aren't quite ready (or it's not possible where they are) to reducing driving to zero. But it's even better if the car-sharing fleet offers many fuel-efficient - or even better: fully electric - options.

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That's what Honda, among other automakers, will provide.

"The agreement will include the expansion of Honda's Insight hybrid, the all-new CR-V compact SUV, as well as the introduction of Fit EV battery electric vehicles (BEV) this fall and Accord Plug-In Sedans, a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) version of its popular Accord Sedan, to select Zipcar locations beginning in early 2013."

The CR-V's nothing special, and the Insight is an okay hybrid (doesn't quite match the Prius), but the Fit EV and Accord PHEV should be interesting additions to Zipcar's fleet.

The regular Fit is already an excellent urban small car, with a surprising amount of inside space and storage flexibility, and the electric version should allow car-sharers to hop in and get around town without burning any gas (city range is estimated by Honda at 123 miles). The bigger Accord plug-in hybrid will also have an all-electric mode, though range will be more limited (likely around 10-15 miles).

As I always say, it's better to walk, bike, or take transit. But car-sharing is a great alternative somewhere in the middle between "no car" and "car owner".

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