Honda Milestone: 1 Million Hybrids Sold

Honda Civic Hybrid© Honda

Worldwide Cumulative Sales Over the Past 12+ Years

Honda might be playing second fiddle to Toyota when it comes to hybrid cars, but they're still doing their thing and chugging along. While Toyota reached the 1 million hybrids sold milestone back in 2007, and has since then sold more than 4 million cumulatively, Honda has just reached it: "This milestone was reached 12 years and 11 months after the start of sales of the first generation Insight in Japan November 1999, which realized fuel economy of 35km/liter* then the world's highest fuel economy among all mass-production gasoline-powered vehicles." Sadly, none of Honda's subsequent hybrids were quite as frugal as the original Insight.

Honda Insight Hybrid© Honda

Honda has plans to keep broadening its hybrid portfolio, and to expand from its IMA system:

In May of this year, Honda began production of hybrid models in regions outside of Japan with production of the Acura ILX Hybrid in the USA followed by production of the Jazz Hybrid which began in Thailand in July of this year. Moreover, Honda is also planning to begin production of the Jazz Hybrid in Malaysia in 2012 to deliver hybrid vehicles with speed, affordability and low CO2 emissions for customers in Asia where demand for fuel efficient vehicles is expected to grow in the future.

In addition to further advancing the current hybrid model offerings equipped with the one-motor IMA hybrid system, Honda will introduce new hybrid vehicles for mid-size models which will be equipped with a two-motor hybrid system.(source)

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