Honda Launches Insight Hybrid Blog with New Photos and Videos

New Honda Insight Hybrid Car photo
Honda Insight Hybrid 2.0
The all new Honda Insight hybrid version 2.0, still officially a concept car but probably very close to what the production model will look like, has been generating a lot of buzz lately. Finally some competition for the Toyota Prius from a dedicated hybrid model, and it's going to be cheaper to boot (around $18.5k).

New Honda Insight Blog
Honda has just launched a new Insight Hybrid blog called Latest Insight with a few new pictures and videos. Still no confirmation on specs (MPG, emissions, etc) for the production model, though. Read on for pics & videos of the Honda Insight version 2.0.New Honda Insight Hybrid Car photo

At the Paris Auto Show, Honda mentioned its 10 years of experience with hybrid vehicles. Good for them, but we wish they put more R&D; resources into plug-in series hybrids (like the GM Volt and Fisker Karma), or even into parallel plug-in hybrids (like the upcoming plug-in Toyota Prius) rather than into super-expensive, low-volume fuel cell hydrogen vehicles like the Honda FCX Clarity.

New Honda Insight Hybrid Car photo

More photos and videos on page 2!

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