Honda Jazz/Fit: What Would Your Mother Think?


Thanks to the people on the Edmunds Honda Fit/Jazz forum, we found this excellent British video (hosted by Google Video) about three small cars by Honda, Peugeot and Renault. What's particularly interesting is the review of the Honda Jazz (sometimes known as the "Fit") because that car is part of a new wave of small cars coming out in the USA and Canada in the next few months. In this pretty hilarious and unconventional series of tests done by the journalists' mothers (gotta love that dry British humor), we find out why the Jazz/Fit has been such a hit in Europe, Asia and (we assume) South-America. It also makes us wish even more that a hybrid Honda Jazz/Fit will see the light of day. ::Top Gear Small Car Test (at Google Video), ::Will Honda Produce the Cheapest Hybrid Yet?, ::Small Japanese Cars Are Coming to North-America, Again