Honda Insight Hybrid Goes on Sale in Japan Tomorrow


What the Heck Are We Supposed to Think?
The all-new Honda Insight hybrid is going on sale in Japan tomorrow for ¥1,890,000 (~US$21,100). With the Japanese cycle, it is rated at 61 MPG U.S., but with the EPA cycle, it gets an estimated 41 MPG U.S. combined. Are we supposed to be happy or sad?

We'd like to know your opinion. Read on for more...Ambiguous Feelings About the Honda Insight hybrid
So maybe the Insight will be under $20k when it comes to the US and it will attract many people who thought the Toyota Prius was too expensive, further increasing the number of fuel efficient hybrids on the road, encouraging the development of better ones, plug-ins, electric cars, etc. Maybe it's going to be one of those cars that get better than EPA estimates in the real-world fairly easily. But was this the best Honda could do a decade after its original Insight hybrid? Was it too much to expect it to at least match the new Toyota Prius in MPG?


We'll have to wait for enough real-world information to know if the Insight is better than it seems on paper, or if it's a disappointment from a fuel economy perspective. So far we've heard some good anecdotal evidence from a few sources, but not enough to be sure if it really performs better than expected.

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Via Green Car Congress
Photos: Michael Graham Richard
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