Honda Fit Hybrid: Mid-2007, Hybrid CR-V: Late 2006


Bradley Berman, the editor of (you can see a video interview with him at the New York Auto Show), has received confirmation from an anonymous industry insider that Honda will produce a hybrid version of the Fit (also known as the Honda Jazz - we wrote about the possibility of a hybrid version a couple of months ago). It is scheduled for release in mid-2007. Update: See our latest post about the Honda Fit hybrid and Honda CRV hybrid.The insider said:

If you take the measurement from the wheel hub to the wheel hub of the Fit and the Insight, they are the same to the millimeter. The Fit is going to get the Insight engine. It's already a proven powertrain. It will probably get fuel economy in the low to mid-50s.

According to the same source, Honda will probably continue to make the Insight hybrid even though sales are very slow (less than 100 per month) for the bragging right of having the most fuel efficient hybrid (though it's arguable that the Toyota Prius is relatively more efficient if you consider that it is heavier, roomier, more powerful and doesn't use as much expensive aluminum to reduce weight).

Honda CR-V hybrid

In the interview, learned that Honda would also release a hybrid version of its CR-V mini-SUV [pictured above] in late 2006. Honda has not publicly confirmed its plans for hybrid versions of the Fit or CR-V. [...] Even with the Fit's hybrid premium, its price will beat out the Civic Hybrid by approximately $5,000 and a Prius by $7,000 or more. The gas-only Fit is powered by a 109-horsepower 1.5-liter, four-cylinder VTEC engine. The hybrid version. according to the interview, will utilize a 1.0-liter engine.

But as usual, the best advice is to take your bike!

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