Honda Fit EV Review by AutoGuide (Video)

Honda Fit EV© Honda

Come On Honda, Make More!

Just last week, we wrote about how Honda was about to start leasing the Fit EV for $389/month. The nice bunch at AutoGuide had the chance to get their hands on a Fit EV and do a review (see the video below), and they came away very impressed; it's powerful, looks good, doesn't sacrifice space, has a good range, etc.

This just makes it even sadder that Honda is being so timid with the Fit EV. They are only planning to make 1,100 units over the first three years. What's the point of going to all this trouble? I honestly hope that this isn't just a 'compliance car' and that Honda is either keeping volume low because they are working on something else that is even better (an electric car that was designed from the ground up to be electric?) or that if the Fit EV gets a good reception, they'll increase production to at least a few thousand units per year.

Via AutoGuide

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Honda Fit EV Review by AutoGuide (Video)
Seems like an EV with a lot of potential, but sadly Honda isn't making enough of them...

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