Honda Fit EV joins Zipcar's Portland fleet

Honda Fit EV electric car© Honda

After San Francisco, it's now Portland's turn to get some Honda Fit EVs. Zipcar has announced that it has started incorporating the EVs, with the first units going to the Portland State University (PSU), where charging stations provided by ECOtality will keep them juiced up.

Honda Fit EV electric car© Honda

"The new Honda Fit EVs are located on PSU's campus at Parking Structure 1, and are available to all Zipcar members ages 21+ for hourly reservations, starting from $10.25 per hour. Zipcar chose PSU for the location of its first EVs in Portland because of the University's leadership in environmentally conscious innovations, including its Electric Avenue automotive charging stations on campus." (source)

Zipcar members who reserve the Fit EVs will also get access to ECOtality's Blink Network of charging stations located around Portland: "Each Zipcar Fit EV is outfitted with a Blink InCard, which provides complimentary access to Blink Network charging stations to charge up, similar to the way gas cards work in other Zipcar vehicles."

Honda Fit EV electric car© Honda

First-timer who aren't familiar with electric cars can check out Zipcar's education program here. It explains the differences with a gas car, and gives some tips. Here's a tutorial video they produced:

Via Reuters

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