Honda FCX Wins Green Award


Photo via Honda

Honda's FCX, a hydrogen-fuled fuel-cell car, has won the World Green Car award. The panel said it's "an utterly real, hydrogen-fueled luxury sedan that provides the amenities people expect in a premium car with (more than 280 miles of) range, fuel consumption of about 72 mpg equivalent and zero tailpipe emissions." But it's not cheap. California customers can lease one for $600 a month. Of course, the FCX's EPA fuel economy rating says it gets about 65 mpg on the highway and 70 in town, meaning you'll get some of your money back when fueling up at the pump.

The FCX's range is 280 miles on a full tank, which is pretty solid. I'm not sure where you can get the hydrogen to refuel, however. You might ask someone at the New York International Auto Show in Manhattan, where it's being featured this week.


Photo via Honda

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