Honda FCX-concept Series Name to be Announced


About a month ago, readers were teased with the promise that Honda's Hydrogen Fuel-cell car, known under the concept-car name FCX, would be the first fuel-cell car to enter production in 2008. Rabid followers of this development will be excited to learn that the series name for the concept-FCX will be announced next month at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where attendees can also see the production-ready version.

Honda has very cleverly generated a great deal of buzz during the wait, while still beating all competitors to be the first fuel-cell car meeting all standards for sale in the American market. If you want to join the excitement, leave a comment at TreeHugger suggesting the series name you would give an FCX if you were in charge. And to while away the days until you can visit your dealer for a test drive, check out the FCX's key achievements to date, including the first test drive, the first family to lease a fuel cell car, or learn more about how it works in the TreeHugger archives.

Via ::Hugg and ::Due Motori (German)

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