Honda F1 Racing Goes Green--On the Outside

When you are travelling in the fast lane, image counts. Honda has unveiled the colour scheme for their new Formula One 2007 car and it features an image of Planet Earth instead of the usual advertising and sponsor logos. Honda is going a step further. Through a new website when you make a donation to an environmental charity, and pledge to make a lifestyle change, then you will get your name put on a "pixel" that will make up the image on the car. The driver, that gorgeous hunk Jensen Button, said that he wanted to raise awareness of environmental issues and that "six million people watched the race last year and it can make a big big difference if those millions of people start turning off their lights". Acknowledging the hundreds of millions of lost sponsorship monies, the images of the so-called "earth car"--which Honda expects will get massive media coverage with its environmental theme and lack of branding--will be licensed for use by the sponsors instead. Said a team member "I think this signals a recognition that formula one has to change or it will wither on the vine and become extinct." Yes, but what about the inside of the car? Business as usual. However, there have been a few signs that Formula One racing is trying to become a little more green--last year the sport's governing body put forward proposals (for 2009) to introduce systems that re-use waste heat and exhaust gases and re-use braking energies to provide additional power while making the cars more fuel efficient, but they are still only proposals and not yet in use. :: Sky Sports

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