Homer May be Yellow, but Groening is Green


Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons, seems to be the latest in a string of celebrity Prius drivers. It came out in an interesting piece on him in the Times, which doesn't focus on green issues per se, but does mention the real motivation for picking up a hybrid. It's exactly the sort of thing you'd expect from the guy who dreamed up Bart Simpson.

"In a parking lot, when you're backing up, you can drive silently and really scare the hell out of people! They jump because they don't hear you coming," he says. Ok, it might not be the best reason for driving a green car, but it is a good reason. It reminds us of a certain video featuring a Tesla Roadster that we wrote about recently. The article also talks about Groening's first, and slightly less green, car - a 1972 Datsun Sedan. It might not have got the same mileage, but at least it got a long working life, "I ran it into the ground. I barely made it to LA before it collapsed."::Times Online