Hold Your Head High on the Bus


TreeHugger loves promoting transit as the greenest way to get around, and a great benefit of it is that you can catch a few zzz's. Sleeping while sitting up is an art in Japan, but not in North America. San Francisco designer Matthew Gale learned "people can sleep when their bodies are held in a rigid state as opposed to only a soft and yielding state - similar to most beds. I applied this concept to the Excubo jacket - a jacket that transforms into a firm and protective shell around the user." You fold up the collar and you have a nice soft place to rest your head. Now if he can integrate a GPS-activated alarm system to wake you up before your station, and a taser to use on the loudmouth with the celphone in the next seat, we will have a whole new sleeping system! ::Matthew Gale see also his neat ::De-Ikea project.

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