Hokey Spokes LED Bike Lights

Alright, alright already. We give in. After touting Michael Kertesz's Spoke n'Wheels project for the Tisch School, we got like a bazillion tipsters telling us that Hokey Spokes exist. Yes, we know: They are very, very cool, and do indeed do the trick. Made by Illumination Design Works, Hokey Spokes are transparent light "blades" that attach to your bike's spokes, kinda like those little plastic thingies you had when you were a kid, but way, way cooler. As you ride, the blades spin, while an itty-bitty computer modulates the internal LED lights, displaying your groovy, customizable images or text. Another Burning Man favorite. Not cheap (but still wicked cool) at $29.95 per blade. ::Hokey Spokes [by MO] [Ed Note: Yes, yes. We know you think we are "sooo last year." Just pipe down already.]