High Speed Trains To Run From Beijing to London


The Transport Politic; click to enlarge
The Biggest Infrastructure Project in the World. Ever.
It is the most extraordinary map from Transport Politic; those yellow lines are proposed high speed rail links through India and Iran, right through to the European high speed rail network so that one can cruise right into London, at about 155 MPH the whole way.

The entire Japanese Shinkansen system, shown in red, looks puny by comparison.


vfowler via flickr via Cleantechnica

So why is China proposing what would be the world's largest infrastructure investment-ever? The Transport Politic says it is all about resources.

According to Wang Mengshu, a consultant working on the project, "We would actually prefer the other countries to pay in natural resources rather than make their own capital investment." China has already agreed to finance a rail link into Myanmar in exchange for the rights to that country's lithium reserves.

Transport Politic
wonders if this is all a good thing.

It's a sort of neo-imperialism desired by the countries to be colonized. Will they regret the selling off of their natural resources in exchange for better transportation offerings? Is this reasonable foreign investment on the part of China, or is it an attempt to take control of the economies of poor countries?


Why not tie in North America?
Now if they would only add a line north to the Bering Strait and across to Alaska and then Canada, like this Discovery Channel Extreme Engineering episode. I wonder what resources we might send them in exchange for that.

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