High Gas Prices Make Buses & Trains the Best Deal in Two Years

photo bus thumbs up public transit
Thumbs up for public transit. Credit: rococohobo, Flickr.

Driving is hardly any fun any more --- like when you have to fill up, or pass a gas station to see those $3+ a gallon prices. If you're a bus rider, however, your money is being stretched. Of course, if the price of oil continues to climb, you can expect fares to follow suit. A ha, but the American Public Transportation Association has taken that into account, too, since you don't have to park a bus (unless you're the driver). The transit group noted in a recent statement that U.S. gas prices have increased 28 cents since the end of February, for a national average of $3.47 a gallon. At that price, people who bus it, or use commuter rail, are due to save $825 a month ($9,904 annually). That includes the yearly average cost of unreserved downtown parking: $161.56.

These are the highest savings for public transit riders in two years, the APTA said.

Based on this, these are The Top 10 Cities for transit savings, taking ridership, the purchase of a monthly public transit pass and local gas prices into account:

  1. New York
  2. Boston
  3. San Francisco
  4. Chicago
  5. Seattle
  6. Philadelphia
  7. Honolulu (really)
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Minneapolis
  10. San Diego.

For more bad news on gas prices, see statewide averages from AAA. Here in Michigan, regular unleaded is going for $3.54 a gallon. Actually, $3.53 with a little 9, but I'm not falling for that.

By the way, the cost of oil will continue to rise in the future as the finite supply of dinosaur juice goes down. All aboard!

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