"Hey, if you want to be cool, do your urban commuting in a huge pickup truck!"

Pickup truck downtown
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Sending the wrong message

A clean cut guy gets out of what is obviously an older-model Civic compact car, on the way to the office he meets his cooler alter-ego, a guy with trendier clothes and facial hair who jumps in a ginormous pickup truck (conveniently parked right in front of an office tower in what looks like a big city's downtown area) to drive off to AC/DC's Back in Black. They say that advertising is about selling the sizzle, not the steak, but in this case, this fantasy is harmful on many levels.

Urban commuting is best done by transit, walking, or biking. Maybe carpooling (it always depends your situation and which city we're talking about). Some people need big trucks, or even cars in general (50% of people live outside of cities, and many people who do live in urban areas sadly live in car-centric suburbs and exurbs) but this kind of marketing tries to sell the image of the truck rather than the utility. Car companies need to stop this nonsense and remember that they are selling tools, and that people should be encouraged to get the right tool for the job rather than a pneumatic nail-gun to hang a frame on the wall...

Via Youtube (thanks to Shawn B. for the tip!)

"Hey, if you want to be cool, do your urban commuting in a huge pickup truck!"
Sending the wrong message.

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