Hey Google, this rooftop solar cooker is perfect for your self-driving car

satiation station wagon
© Steven M. Johnson

Quick, call Google and tell them about Steven M. Johnson's cleverly named Satiation Wagon, it is perfect for their self-driving cars. As Allison Arieff noted in a New York Times article, these cars might become extensions of our living rooms and make commutes irrelevant.

If you can read your iPad, enjoy a cocktail or play a video game while commuting, time spent in the car becomes leisure time, something desirable. Long commutes are no longer a disincentive. America’s car-dependent culture has been encouraged (and subsidized) for the last half-century; instead of bucking that trend, a driverless car culture remains car-dependent.

She even illustrated her article with a Steven M. Johnson cartoon depicting a car as living room. I am surprised that she didn't have this on the roof. It is very sophisticated, tracking the sun as the car moves and ensures that your self driving car is not only a living room but also a kitchen and dining room. In fact I am beginning to wonder if there is any need to go home at all.

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